First Tactical Medium TriTac Flashlight

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The Medium TriTac Light is powered by a Duracell Ultra CR123 battery providing a reliable, high output light source that is light weight and always ready. The light features an Intelligence Button system with a half-second delay, allowing users the ability to easily find the correct light mode without searching frantically.

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Includes batteries (2) Duracell CR123
Lumen High 444
Run Time High (h) 3.75
Lumen Low 154
Run Time Low (h) 7.25
Lumen Map 18
Run Time Map (h) 63
Aerospace grade anodized aluminum
Length: 5.0in / 126.5mm
Body diameter: 0.9in / 23.4mm
Bezel diameter: 1.1in / 26.9mm
Product weight: 0.20lb / 0.08kg
Product weight w/ batteries: 0.25lb / 0.12kg



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