aLOKD4-ITM Waterproof Bags

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aLOKSAK bags are resealable element-proof storage bags featuring a hermetic seal. The transparent bags are flexible, puncture resistant and designed for a wide range of applications ans environments. That means absolutley no water, air, dust or humidity permeates the closure.

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This set of four aLOKSAK Waterproof Bags from Loksak contains one of each of the following size bags:

3.7 x 7″, 4 x 7″, 6 x 9″, 8 x 11″

The bags are waterproof and airtight protecting your electronics, documents and other items that need shelter from the elements. A double-zipper closure creates a hermetic seal, which prevents any air, dust, or micro-organisms from leaving or entering the bag once it is sealed.

  • Hermetic Seal ? An Absolute Airtight Seal Preventing the Re-entry or Release of Air and Micro-Organisms
  • Made in the USA
  • Holds Five Patents
  • Protects Against Microscopic Particles like Dust and Sand
  • Recyclable and Reusable
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